Pixel HD 1920*1080P  
Master chip Huawei Hi3518EV200  
sensor HD COMS Sensor 1/3''PS5230  
lens Full 3G1P Ultra Wide Angle 1.7mm Lens  
viewing angel 130 degrees horizontal, 170 degrees diagonal  
Video stream 1920*1080  
CMOS Supports automatic white balance, automatic gain control, automatic backlight compensation, digital wide dynamics  
system Lite OS  
Standby time About 6 months (10 wake-ups per day, 15s each time)  
Day and night Double filters automatically switch  
Infrared distance 850nm infrared, effective distance 5m  
Network configuration One-key WIFI configuration + sound wave configuration  
PIR Human detection Support PIR detection and wake up  
Audio Audio coding standard AAC and G.726  
Audio input/output -38dB Microphone / Built-in 1 Speaker  
Video Video mode Manual recording, alarm recording  
Internet WiFi 2.4GHz  
wireless WIFI802.11b/g/nwireless network  
Alarm function Passive human infrared detection support  
Function Adaptive code rate support  
Two-way voice Support two-way real-time call  
Panorama display mode Simulate 3D and auto cruise  
Sleep time 15S  
Voice call support  
Remote wake-up support  
PIR wake-up Supports high, medium and low sensitivity wake-up  
Mobile client Ubell,ios10.0,android version 5.0 or later  
System Requirements power supply AC/DC24V or two 18650 batteries 2200mAH (optional)  
Operating temperature -10℃ ~+50℃  
Working humidity ≤80%RH  

Knight WIFI Doorbell 1080p

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