Our innovative production team develop a unique range of smart products which are compatible and  affordable for everyone.

With our exciting children's tracking watches these will assist parents trace and pin point their children with the GPS system programmed into the watch making life a lot easier for both children and parents.

This provides parents with the assurance and piece of mind that their children are safe playing, on holiday or on the way home from school.

We have products that help pet owners find their much loved pet animals if they ever get lost.

Our vehicle trackers also stop people stealing or attempting to steal motor vehicles or push bikes.

Everything is linked to your phone giving you instant access to whats going on.

Our fitness bands will help accomplish their fitness goals.

Our security products will secure your property and valuables.

Our elderly smart bands assist those with dementia and helps tackle loneliness.

Our products are suitable for everyone.

You can trace the watch via the app
Multiple Settings
Add phone numbers in case of emergency

Anyone can use our products